Two Best Websites to Delete Online Accounts

Many times you go on a website and create an online account for it to access that website and sometimes they don’t provide you with a good method for deleting your account after you have served your purpose so today I will share 2 best websites for bulk account deletion these will delete your accounts from Facebook, Twitter and other 200 websites easily.

Check the below websites .:

1. Account Killer .: Provides an easy way to remove your account from 200 websites includingFacebook, Twitter and more. Just follow the instruction after going to the website and it will be really ease for you to delete your account.

Account Killer 

2. Delete Your Account .: It also great interface for deleting but it allows you to delete your account from 30 websites including Flickr, Amazon, Digg etc.

Delete Your Account 

So try them now and delete all the unused accounts and erase your identity form that Website.
BY HaRis
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