How to Get SMS Alerts When Your Website is Down?

How to Get SMS Alerts When Your Website is Down?

SMS (Short Message Service) is a great opportunity for peoples to get notified even when they are busy in meetings or somewhere. An text will b sent on their mobile phones and when they will free, they see your text and reply you by SMS or by calling you.
SMS is now getting most popular service, Social Networks also use SMS Service to notify you. Like Facebook, Twitter etc.

As the topic shows, today we discuss how to get notified via SMS when your website is getting down?
Through this service you will get SMS Alert on your Mobile Phone when your Website is getting down with any cause or technical problem. Benefit of this service is this, that you notified when you are out of town or you are on picnic and your website will be down, in this condition you will be notified and you will come online through cafe or from anywhere to set you website and make it alive. This also work as a security of you website.

Steps to Setup:
Step 1: You need Google Calendar Account to do that, so Signup for Google Calendar or if you already have account then just follow next step.
Step 2: When you entered in Google Calendar, Click on Settings and Go to Mobile Setup and verified your Mobile Number there.

Step 3: Go to Free Website Monitoring Website and Click on link as i mention below.

Step 4: After Clicking on the link, another window opened and as you to Make a Copy of a Document on Google Docs. Click on Yes, make a copy.

Step 5: After Click on Yes make a copy, another window will open. Add you Website that you want to be Monitor, Your Email Address and Type "Yes" in front of SMS Notifications.

Step 6: Save the Google Sheet/ Close th Google Sheet and you are done.

You will notified by SMS in future when you website is down :-)
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