What is Hacking?

Hacking is nothing but 'acting smart'.Most of the times it is considered as something 'illegal' and 'offensive' but all these are misconception.Hacking is making the best use of your brain and innovation to discover/understand things.Hacking can be used for both good as well as bad purposes.

There are 5 types of Hackers -

1.Script kiddies-these are people(most of the times children/youth) who learn according to the situation from the internet and try the learned things out.

2. Black hat hacker-These are people who have gained perfection in almost every art of hacking but they use their skills for negative work and against government.

3.White hat hacker-These hackers have equal knowledge as that of black hats,but they use their knowledge for good purpose. 

4.Grey hat hackers -They are the hackers which are intermediate between black hat and white hat.They have equal knowledge but the sometimes use it for good work and sometimes for bad work.

5.  worker-These are not hackers really,but they are the people who have information about one particular subject in which they are perfect and they can use that information for the bad of their company or against a person. BY HaRis
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