How to Get Approved Google Adsense Account in few second

Get Approved Google Adsense Account in few second

approved adsense account
Assalamualaikum guys now I am here to tell you that
how can you get approved adsense account in few seconds. You can believe it yes
or no? Not believe on me. Believe on yourself and follow some steps to getting
it approved.   This is not in reality an
enchantment, but something which requires little mind’s and intelligence. Due
to Google adsense program Policies, terms and conditions you would find it
difficult pass through. But now this time we made a genuine trick to bypass Google
adsense program Policies terms and conditions.
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an account:

First create a new Gmail account and verify it on
your mobile number then link this Gmail account with YouTube.

for some videos:

Now search for some technological videos these
videos will not be indexed by Google. Download it in your computer.


Now upload these videos on your YouTube account with
better titles and tagging.


After uploading the videos go to the monetization
tab and enable your account.
Note: make sure your account ad block is disabled before you doing this step.

you are lucky:

If you are lucky after some minute you will get an
email from Google. In which Google saying that your YouTube account has been
enable for monetization then you are lucky now precede next step.

Create new account for adsence:

you receive an email from Google then go on your YouTube account and click on
the tab create a new account for adsense.
create a new Google adsense account with your real name and genuine home
address. And after applying your adsense account you receive an email in which
Google saying that your adsense account has been created and adsense link giving
in email just click on adsense and login to your account.

Account settings:

is most of the important step in this step when you are login in your adsense account go to account settings. After clicking it scroll down and you see like
“Sites authorized for adsense” option. Click on it and here you add your
website or blog URL.
Note:   In your mind you have many of questions like that “I never thought Google could
be fooled in such…..” and more but try this method and you get your adsense
approved hosted account in just 2 hour.
if you have not found payment section in YouTube and click on the tab saying
“create a new account for adsense” go to this link account monetization.
BY HaRis
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