How Generate free money on your post

Hi viewer Today i am going to tell you about Free money generation on your Post with Tsu.

Now a day a new website come out in the world of social network which are going to make your more happy because of there policy they are saying we are going to make money on our website from deferent source form there Icome they are going to give 90% to  there user and remain 10% keep by company So How you make on this
It will take you to a new page when page click join on the header
after joining just confirm your Email address after confirmation
go to setting and click on privacy
and enable Accept Tsu peer-to-peer payments just check the box . 
when You done it mean your now ready for earning money with your post.
 It work like this when you post some image video and some information about something the post done when someone like your post or share or view your post the company give some payment from there own income which they are making from advertisement. 
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